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About Yamunotri Temple

Yamunotri needs no introduction. It is one of the most visited religious places in India. Counted among one of the must visit and most important destinations of Chardham Yatra package, hundreds, may be thousands, of pilgrims visit this place every year. For any pious Hindu, it is a significant pilgrimage. As far as significance of Yamunotri is considered, it can be established with an increasing number of people visiting it.

Yamunotri holds great significance from the religious point of view. Yamunotri temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Yamuna who is considered as pious figure in Hindu mythology. Hindus believe that by offering prayer at the temple, by tasting holy Prasad, by taking dip in pious Yamuna, they can get rid of several of their sins and overcome the fear of death, which is the greatest mortal fear.

One of the most common traditions at the temple is to cook holy Prasad from pious water of hot springs. The extremely hot spring water easily helps in preparing rice, boiling vegetables and pulses. This food is then offered to the deity as Prasad and thereafter distributed amongst devotees. You can visit Yamunotri by booking Yamunotri packages with us and start for a sacred journey.

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